In your local neighbourhood, have a look around.. Are there any environmental matters which are being overlooked, or ignored by the community at large?

Have you noticed certain actions or even crimes against the environment that no-one seems to be doing anything about?  Like pollution of water, air, parks or streets?  Are people or animals being negatively impacted?

Find what screams your name the loudest!

For me it was our local river.  When I saw the condition of the water and the amount of rubbish constantly flowing, the first words I said to myself were:


No time to waste, No time to blame, No time to wait for someone else to fix it!

But, what can “I” do?

As an unemployed, single mother of 2 girls, what can I do?  What can I do, in my capacity?

Start where you are

Use what you have

Do what you must

So I did..  I started in my neighbourhood

Using my hands to pick up whatever I could and posting about it all over the community..

I shared it on every platform that I could, I took photos (especially before and after – high impact drastic visuals), I spoke about how it made me feel, raw, unfiltered truth and I made a commitment to organize a cleanup every 2 weeks..

Be prepared for criticism and nay-sayer’s – there are many people who have lost hope and are of the opinion that the government should be doing it because “they pay their taxes:” people might even tell you that you are fighting a lost cause..  You ignore them, don’t engage if possible, but if you do, respond with love and stick to your absolute truth, block them if you must..

Remember that you are establishing your personal brand and that people ARE watching, even if they don’t like, comment or share..  Always keep your side clean.. Steer clear of any racism or hate speech.

Build strong relationships, contact your local government and inform them about your project, they need to see you as an ally and they will assist you, ask them to provide resources to support your cause.

Make a commitment.  To yourself and to your cause, even if it means doing it alone..  You get up, get dressed and you show up, be consistent, plan events, reach out to friends and family or your network for support, even if they think you are crazy, in fact, I’m sure that there are many people who question the mental health of this blonde girl playing in the sewage and rubbish! It is kinda nuts the things we are called to do and actually doing it too..  but it that is what works and gets more people to notice, I say do it..  I say get in! Deeper! Go ALL the way! Whatever feels most authentic and natural and brings you the most joy and sense of purpose..  Feel into your core..

Make yourself, and/or your work known, make it the talk of the town, hey there’s this girl in town trying to save the river, and actually doing it!

Form an organization with trustworthy partners who have different strengths and contribute in other ways for the same reasons and cause.. Be prepared to end some friendships and readjust your focus, and remember your commitment and your reasons, and soldier on.. Buckle up buddy, this is going to be interesting!

Be prepared for big change, learn first hand, go see, explore, become an active citizen and promote active citizenry in your neighbourhood, become a source of information around your cause, understand it in depth. Nurture that connection in your core! Embrace the unknown, network, go to business forum meetings, give presentations, make your contact details easy to find. Get a website. Open a bank account.

Remember balance…

You have a life outside of this one, make sure you do things that are good for your soul, and take time for yourself.  You will need to be strong, and you will need to trust with everything in tou that everything will happen as it absolutely should..  Even the litter, the pollution, the plastic, the smoke, are all here to teach us a lesson, and some people need a little guidance on how to think, and why..

And some wont get it at all, ever and that is ok, your actions matter, and you lead by example, and you grow, ask for support, if people don’t want to get their hands dirty, make it possible for them to “pay for a set of hands” and create a job for someone in need?

Post about it, share everything, ensure that your community knows that if they have an issue or see an incident that needs reporting, because of your good working with your local government that things you request get done asap! You are the one that they trust..

Make it Easy..

Easy to find you, easy to contact you, easy to speak to you, easy to come to your events, make it fun, people will come and people will learn.. even if it’s one by one, they will come..

Be strong Warrior, The World needs You and We are right behind You!

Tarryn Johnston

Founding Director: Hennops Revival