Hennops Revival is a nonprofit company with the focus on reviving, restoring and healing the Hennops river in collaboration with the government, other NGO’s, NPO’s and Forums, the private sector and the public.

We are:

  • A Registered Non-profit and Public Benefit Organisation
  • CIPC, SARS, CSD Compliant
  • Audited to International Financial Regulatory Standards
  • Internationally Recognized
  • Multi-Award Winning
  • B-BBEE Level 1 Contributor
  • Founder Led
  • 100% Women Owned


  • Collaboration and Partnerships
    (Municipal, Provincial, Global – Public, Private, People)
  • Increased job creation and expansion
  • Address Water Quality
  • Educational Drives/Campaigns
  • Enthusiasm over Apathy
  • To become proactive rather than reactive
  • Innovative solutions
  • Network of Water Custodians
  • Empowered, uplifted communities
  • Clean, safe Rivers and Waterways
  • Revitalization of Wetlands


  • Government Accountability through meaningful oversight and with integrity of purpose among all public representatives whichever political party affiliation
  • Corporate social investment
  • Active citizenship
  • National Government Policy change
  • National Association of River cleaners
  • Learning by doing
  • To influence public representatives to take action for realistic and sustainable implementation
  • Hold government accountable
  • Policy to lobby national government via portfolio committee for ongoing change in legislation
  • Self regulation preempts legislative regulation


  • To comply with the laws of the country at all times
  • No religion
  • No politics
  • Open society
  • Holacracy
  • Embrace change
  • Optimisation of human personality
  • Meaning and purpose to human life
  • Ubuntu