By now, I’m certain that most of you know what I do, what I am giving my all to..

What began as just a girl picking up rubbish from OUR Hennops River, has evolved into a household name, and internationally recognized movement.

What you know is what has been brought to your awareness through social media.

I know I have a direct following over all platforms of around 10 000 people..

I know I have plenty moral support, I have resources, I have a fantastic crew of hard workers, and a network of specialists backing me, offering their services on their own account..

I know that I am blessed, and eternally grateful for all life’s blessings 🙏 I know that the work I am doing on many levels of consciousness has an effect not only in this moment, but in all moments, lived and still to be lived, by those who have not yet entered this earth plane..

I know that what I have taken on is a mammoth task, the Hennops River is one of the most polluted rivers in our country..

I have felt the pain of and for the collective, in fact, I have submerged myself in this massive pain body that the water in the river brings to us as a reflection of a very broken system and society..

I know this is not going to be fixed overnight, I know that it is well known that there is this crazy girl in town who is dedicated to the Hennops Revival and that it is being noticed by many, many people..

I also know that this requires a LOT of money, not just to pay my crew, but so that plans can be implemented, technology applied and that I can reach a point where I can draw a well earned salary and I have created a platform to make this possible 🙏

A public benefit organisation such as Hennops Revival closes the gap, as we offer Section 18a tax exemption certificates for contributions, by now, you know that the money you, or your company contribute will not be wasted, and will have a positive impact for all future generations as well as our own..

Please, support in any way you are able, if you have money – donate, if you have a company – corporate social responsibility/investment, if you have time – volunteer, if you have a social media – like, share, comment, if you have ideas and concepts – get on board..

I know you know Water Is Life..

The future started long ago!


Account Holder: Hennops Revival

Account Type: Gold Business Cheque Account

Account Number: 62835063108

Branch Code: 250655

Thank you 🙏🏻

Join the #Riverlution

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Tarryn Johnston

Founding Director: Hennops Revival