In Spring of 2018, a group of 50 of us gathered consciously together for a special night of prayer and blessings, intentionally focusing on South Africa, we sat around The Tatewari, Grandfather Fire, offering gifts of fruit, cacao, flowers, blessing sacred items and singing, drumming and dancing in the Magaliesberg Mountains.. We prayed for the healing of our land, her mighty waters and her people.. We prayed, for guidance, for healing.. For Mother Earth..

This circle of healing prayer is immensely powerful, as each of the 50 people has a mother and a father, and each persons mother has a mother and a father and that same persons father has a mother and a father, and on and on backwards through time, ancestral healing through our entire bloodline.. then infinitely forward, because we have no way to know how many lives one can impact through children and their children and their children and their children through ones actions, in this very moment.. this is not even including siblings and their families.. it’s huge..

Yes You, dear one, influence all of humanity through your every move, in every moment.. and that’s just here on earth.. there are so many levels of consciousness though, but that’s another story for another time..

The Elements tested us and our intentions, As Grandmother Moon shone in splendour, the stars winking and watching, we had the most freezing weather that night!

When Grandfather Sun came to greet us in the morning we saw ice on our sleeping bags and blankets, Ice! In Spring! But we did it..

We had sat with the Marekame from Mexico who spent weeks in the desert to harvest the cactus teacher they shared with us, along with one on one traditional healing sessions we were given the opportunity to receive..

The Marekame only speaks Mexican, while performing the healing, he speaks of his visions and these are translated back to you..

He told me that the one thing that is holding me back in life, is a debt that I have to the ocean..

I was to prepare an offering, consisting of specific items which we managed to pull together and have the offering blessed with intention set to repay the debt, which I had to go deliver to the ocean as soon as I could..

I thought that having a debt to the ocean was a pretty huge debt to have, and although I didn’t quite know how big when I eventually got to give my offering to the Indian Ocean in December of 2018..

I remember swimming out a little, to the rocks where I stood, waves powerfully crashing all around me, I stood there, with a little fear, hoping not to get knocked in, and thinking, I don’t know what I am doing, but I know this is big!

And life carried on, had a great holiday and came back home and lived my everyday life, with not much different..

In May 2019 I fell really ill.. I tried everything and nothing seemed to work, 8 days of what felt like near death, my friends helped me get my children to school and back and I was unable to get better.. I contacted a dear friend of mine who I consider to be a genius when it comes to health and I said to him, I don’t know what to do, I never get sick but I’m just not getting better!

His advice was to do a salt water flush to get rid of any bugs, and then 72 hours of water only.. which I did, and I healed myself with Water..

Having a completely cleaned out system gave me the opportunity to consciously choose what food to put into my body, I ate raw fruits and veggies for the next few days, progressing to cooked veg, and it makes you realize instantly which foods your body reacts to..

I learned a lot through this time, about how little food we actually need, and saw the condition of 3 meals a day become irrelevant, how eating was a habit, a social thing, a comfort..

I continued to drink only water for a long time, eventually introducing tea and coffee, and learned how my body reacts with dairy, so I changed the coconut milk or cream as a substitute..

And I carried on living my life, and one day my daughter asked me, if we can do a river cleanup..

I wasn’t mad about the idea, but decided to call out to friends who had done it before, we had a meeting and started organizing and inviting everyone I knew to join me at my first ever river cleanup which took place in Spring of 2019..

When I saw the water, I could not believe what I was seeing, I cried for the state of the water, and let her taste my tears, I was in.. like nothing I had ever been in before.. this was deep, and I knew there was no time for anything other than action..

I made a commitment to continue doing what I could, in my capacity, to help.. I cleaned up every day with a friend and posted about it in community groups, and hosting cleanups where community members could volunteer to help over weekends, which led to the birth of Hennops Revival NPO..

Learning as I grew from personal experience, literally processing stuff for millions of people, on this level and many others, clearing my karmic debt with each and every piece of trash removed..

Of course, The Elements put me to the test once more in December 2019, when we were hit by the most devastating floods in decades, a 3 week old NPO slap bang in the middle of everything happening, and it was chaos, but what a teaching! Sink or swim honey.. How deep is your love? Well, it’s incalculable..

Fun Fact; The Hennops River, after it leaves Hartbeespoort Dam becomes the Limpopo River, which ends in Xai Xai, Mozambique into the Indian Ocean, where I had given my offering..

Tarryn Johnston

Founding Director: Hennops Revival