The problem is of exponential proportions, I have explored the “source” in depth..

Law and by-law enforcement is a large part of this problem, because its virtually non-existent and even with reported crimes – little to nothing gets done.

As I am growing, as a person and as a non-profit and public benefit organization, I am partnering with more and more people and companies to address these issues more pro-actively, instead of reactively – which is also necessary, but the aim is to be in a pro-active position.

I have been, for some time, working on studies with a network of professionals on the benefits of Vetiver grass to clean/filter the water, as well as bank retention and erosion, agricultural runoff and soil regeneration as a natural remediation process.. Vetiver is a sterile plant which can only reproduce through propagation and is not invasive, of course the scale that is needed to effectively implement this is only going to be able to be done through corporate funding/csi/csr projects.  But with what I have been able to generate, I can at least conduct the studies and collect the necessary data to back up my view.

We are also installing a litter catchment system to minimize the reactive cleaning, but with the knowledge that nothing can hold back a flood, and unfortunately, with floods, comes more and more rubbish – which leads to reactive work again, but will at least help while the water level rises and is not in flood.

Back to the source issue, I am repeatedly asked to tackle the problem at the source as if it is a destination.

Even if it was a destination and everything could be stopped at one point, there would be a mountain of issues right there – social development; waste management; rural development; housing; education; industrial pollution; sewage and sewage systems; service delivery; encroachment of wetlands; corruption; greed; poverty; inequality; disconnection; overpopulation; carelessness; political will; unconscious consumerism and apathy are all part of, but not limited to, the source..

So we do what we can, that which is in our capacity in any given moment.  For now, our actions are limited due to lack of funding, and even so, Hennops Revival is leading the way and making change and creating greater awareness around a longstanding issue, and hopefully soon will be able to create more and more positive, pro-active and very necessary change!

Tarryn Johnston will also be the keynote speaker at LaRSSA (Land Rehabilitation Society of South Africa) in September, which, amongst having recently been appointed as Chairperson for international NPO Moving Water Alliance – a division of The Planet Calls will bring great exposure to the cause and potential for international and local funding.

This will greatly change things, having the backing of an Alliance will allow for a unified voice and have strong influence over policies and change.

Also, understanding that the river did not get this way overnight, brings the realization that it will not be fixed overnight either, I accept that.

I know that my little movement has done more, in the short time that I have been actively involved than any other entity has done in the past, ever, for our river..

Collaboration is the key..

Join the #Riverlution

Tarryn Johnston

Founding Director: Hennops Revival