I AM an Irene girl..

My parents bought their house in 1978. I lived in Irene for most of my life, my parents still live there and my 4 sisters & I all went to Irene Primary, Irene Brownies and Irene Girl Guides.

My best friend and I would ride our bicycles to the farm and secretly climb up to the top of the bails of hay and play there for hours or until we got caught, and would run away or until it was dark and we had to go home, or play in the Hennops river either at the Irene Farm or the Irene Golf course and spent loads of time at Irene News Agency, The Oval, flattened coins on the tracks of Irene Train Station, Smuts house, Smuts Koppie, Cornwall Hill, Irene Concentration Camp, Irene Graveyard, you name it, we adventured all through Irene..

We would do concerts for our families and make them pay to watch, then donate the money to Irene Homes..

We grew up with enormous pride, loving our little village, and genuinely care for everyone and everything in our world..

I was raised in a good family, and an innocent environment where fear was relatively unnecessary, a strong set of core values instilled in me, and I stand, as a mountain, with the mountain within me, unshakable.

I will not give up or turn a blind eye, or shy away from the reality we all face today, and I will keep on with my efforts to clean the Hennops through my Public Benefit Organization, Hennops Revival !

It is our #heritage, and we can’t just leave it for nought..

I have explored the “source” in depth, and believe me when I say, it’s not a pin location on a map.. it’s a myriad of issues and impossible to tackle the “source” as an individual entity.. #wearethesource

This needs #collaboration from ALL sectors, it requires action from each of us! #WeAreTheSolution

A #like, a #share, a positive #comment, a #prayer, a different #choice when you are shopping, #recycling, talking about this to your friends and family.. you’re contributing!

From the depths of my soul, I ask that in whichever way you can support, please do..

I do this work without a salary, with so much passion and I actually really enjoy it..

Hennops Revival is creating jobs for homeless people who actually love what they are doing and it gives them a sense of purpose!

This post is inspired by a lady who wanted me to stop showing her the state of OUR #Hennops River in her newsfeed, I thank her for this..

The importance of this movement, is that SOMETHING IS BEING DONE..

Whether one thinks I am fighting a lost cause, farting against the wind, or wasting my time, it’s not going to stop me, or make me feel like I’m failing..

I know first hand how this movement is growing, I know the greater details and plans, because I’m making them.. there is far more going on than just aesthetic value, which is what gets shown mostly..

With #funding, #partnership and collaboration, these plans will come into fruition faster and we will see a difference in our time..

The future started long ago!

Join the #Riverlution!

#wearethesolution #jobcreation #taxexemption #waterislife #partnershipsmatter

Tarryn Johnston

Founding Director: Hennops Revival